Daughter of the King

How to Build Confidence in Your Daughters
For a child to have self-confidence, they first have to believe in themselves. And sometimes, this can be easier said than done. It can take time and patience to build self-confidence in your daughter, but little by little, it will happen. There are a few things that you can do as their parent to help build self-confidence.
Healthy Habits
As parents we can lay the foundation to develop healthy habits by helping our children practice the habits consistently. Try to incorporate these 7 tips to get your child started on a healthy journey.
Raising three young black women in a world where light skin is in, girls should be a size 2 and long straight hair is a plus, I refuse to let my daughters think that they are anything less than what they are because society says other wise. I have three girls who are all a different skin tones a different hair type and body size, I treat them all the same I tell them they are all beautiful and I have them embrace every part of them. 
Is Mental Health Real?
I know some of you are thinking the same old thoughts of our ancestors…mental health is nothing but the devil and Jesus can fix it!  And yes, Jesus CAN fix it!  He can fix it with doctors and He can fix it with medication! Believe me, I am in NO way down playing the power of God and how He is our EVERYTHING.  The issue with treating mental illness as only a spiritual problem hurts the person who is struggling with their mental health.   If your daughter were to have a broken leg would you not go to the doctor to get a cast put on, so why wouldn’t you go see a doctor if her brain is chemically imbalanced?

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