Raising Respectful African-American Women

-Lakiyana Morris

Growing up I always said I wanted a daughter, I felt like if you give birth to a daughter you also give birth to a friend for life. In 2006 I was given the gift from God the birth of my second child, a daughter a little sister to my son, 2008 Another baby girl followed, later on in 2008 minutes after birth my 3rd born daughter gained her wings because she was born too soon. That experience showed me that God can give you children to raise or he chooses to give you angels for life. I was given one. 2010 My rainbow baby was born and yes you guessed it another Daughter! Now it’s 2019 and man time flies and my girls are slowly turning into young women, the road has not been a walk in the park, first they start off as your little dolls you can dress up, show off and enjoy their little smiles, then boom they are pre teens and they also talk back, lol but there is nothing I would change about it. Raising three young black women in a world where light skin is in, girls should be a size 2 and long straight hair is a plus, I refuse to let my daughters think that they are anything less than what they are because society says other wise. I have three girls who are all a different skin tones a different hair type and body size, I treat them all the same I tell them they are all beautiful and I have them embrace every part of them. My girls are like little roses, they need water, nutrients, sun light, air, and a positive environment and as their mother it’s my responsibility to make sure they get everything they need or find the resources for them to grow and bloom completely. I feel like girls need a lot of attention, POSITIVE attention and it should definitely start at home, tell them you love them say they are beautiful, let them know they can be and do whatever they put their mind to. Give them all the compliments in the world small and big, so no one outside the home can convince them of anything less! My oldest daughter is a younger version of my sister, likes to take charge, responsible, smart, gets good grades all the time, a leader, and her strength is AMAZING.
A Princess Like Me
She is great with kids. She is so mature for her age and it’s not because she was forced to it’s just in her DNA. My second born is a lot like me, sensitive, creative, smart, honor roll student, and a firm believer in God! She also tries to accomplish many activities at one time which could also make a mess but that’s who she has become. Lastly my youngest is a version of my mother, beautiful smile, bossy, loves junk food, into old school music, loves children, she is smart of course, and is all about fashion. My girls are on the right track with their education they are going to attend a College Prep school where they will gain college credits, they are into cheer and dance and I pray that they will be role models for other girls their age. So many people know my children and it’s all because of the good things they have done and accomplished and that’s always a big deal to me, I refuse to let my daughters be the ones in the social media videos that go viral for negativity, I want my girls to go viral for being respectful, responsible, smiling, praying, loving the skin they are in, proving that the world is not a place where every woman should be exactly the same. Be different, stand out, and love yourself while doing it, that’s what I’m teaching my daughters and I pray they live to teach their daughters the same thing.


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