Words to Change & Inspire Your Child’s Life

Words to Change & Inspire Your Child’s Life


the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.

My oldest daughter is a girl who is in tune with her emotions.  It took me awhile to appreciate that quality as I would constantly bad mouth that characteristic of her by thinking she was a cry baby.  God spoke to me through a good friend of mine and told me that there is nothing wrong with her being in touch with her feelings.  It was a wonderful trait that we should all desire.  And because she is in tune with her emotions she verbalizes how she feels more often than not.  I found through our conversations and discussions with her teachers that my daughter performs better when words of encouragement are spoken.  I began thinking how can I capitalize on this knowledge nugget that was given to me?  I began scouring the internet like most of us do searching for the answer and I found affirmations.  

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations affirm one’s self.  They are positive words to create a powerful and holistic belief system.  For example, my oldest daughter’s affirmation this week is I am a blessing.  Next week it is I am safe.  I specifically chose I am safe, as she is experiencing nightmares and she needs to know and understand that she is safe in the arms of the Lord and He did not design her to be fearful.  Affirmations we have spoken in the past include,  I spread kindness everywhere I go and my hair is a blessing. 

I want to empower my children to create a positive belief in themselves so it is harder for others to tear them down.  This self  belief system will help with bullying.  Your child will be more self-assured which in turn will help them cope better than if they had low self-esteem.  The more your child repeats the affirmation, the stronger it becomes.  They will have a strong foundation on which they can grow.

What better time than now to build up your child’s self esteem?!  Starting young when many of their behaviors and beliefs are learned.  Now is the time to create the foundation as social media, TV, family, and friends have a big impact on molding our worlds.  Low self-esteem often leads to children lowing their stands or even settling on what they believe is achievable.  Affirmations help with changing the mind, the body (happy mind, healthy heart), and the soul.

How to Implement

There are many ways to introduce affirmations to your child.  What worked best for me and my daughter was to first introduce her to affirmations.  We discussed what it means to believe in one’s self and how the affirmations would help her feel better when she was angry or sad.  

I write the affirmation on an index card in some eye catching colors and stick it on her mirror.  Each evening, after brushing her teeth we look at ourselves and recite the affirmation three times.  Each time louder and more confident.  I don’t know what it is about yelling, but children love to yell.  This helps her affirm what is being said.  Depending on how confident she is with the affirmation we will work on one per day or one per week.  The affirmation I am safe will probably be one we spend three to four days reciting.  It was also important to me to lead by example and put affirmations on my mirror and repeat.  This takes but a few minutes and my child enjoys it.

A Princess like Me

Don’t use affirmations as a punishment.  You want the experience to be a positive one.  If your child is not feeling it, simply try it a different way.  Maybe your child prefers not to be in front of the mirror.  Try saying them in their bed as you tuck them in.  There are some days that my daughter just doe not want to say them.  And that is okay.  We skip that day and pray that tomorrow will be better.  If your child is not at an age where they can read, simply read it to them and have them repeat back.

Make today the day to try affirmations with your child.  Help them to nurture their unique self that God designed them to be.  

What will be your child’s first affirmation?

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