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Hi, I'm Lessa Davis, founder of A Princess Like Me. The idea for the brand began when my oldest daughter had fallen in love with Disney's movie Frozen, as I am sure most of your children did as well. She loved the idea of twirling around in a dress and swinging her pretend long , blonde, and straight hair. I didn’t want to burst my daughter’s bubble and tell her that she will never have long blonde hair. Besides, how do you tell that to a two-year-old? Instead, I thought,

“Why not find a character that looks like my daughter - one that she could relate to more?” So, off I went searching... Unfortunately, to my surprise, there were very few options. Disappointed, I told my husband about my dilemma and how it would be cool if we could create one for her. My husband’s response was, “Why not?”

I thought about it and told myself that I couldn’t do it (not to mention, I had never wanted to be an entrepreneur).

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Meanwhile, a few weeks went by and all I could do was think about what if there were a princess that looked like my daughter. Little did I know, God was working on me. In fact, He was working on my husband, too. One day my husband came to me very excited, exclaiming that he knew exactly what each princess would look like and what we would call the brand. I knew then, that God had called me to bring this idea into fruition. A Princess Like Me is about encouraging girls to find their inner princess that God has called them to be. All of God’s girls are princesses because He is our Father, the King of kings. We want little girls to know that a princess comes in all shapes and sizes. A Princess Like Me brings reality to little girls’ imaginations of being princesses. Our mission is to empower and encourage young girls to be who God created them to be through positive imagery. We empower girls and give them fashion without the frills. If you get our message, you can hopefully use it and apply it in every practical way.

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